Sundray Network Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen City is a novel technology enterprise, specailized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of enterprise-level IoT products.

The core value of Sundray Technologies is next-generation leading brand for enterprise-level wireless networks. We committed to create a safe and compatible network for marketing and management.

Sudray Technologies provide optimal service for more than 15,000 industry clients, including finance, secenic, enterpise, education, hospital, and goverment institutions (e.g., China Merchants Bank, China Taiping, Emei Mountain Scenic, Zhangjiajie Scenic, Geely Auto, China Redbull, Beijing Science and Technology University.

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Sundray Controllers 1

Wireless AC All in One function,Centralized Network Management

Sundray wireless AC controller with high compatibility and integration. Set wireless AP management, user authentication, marketing push, passenger flow analysis, Internet behavior management, Internet behavior audit, traffic control, VPN, enterprise-class firewall, network management system in one.

Sundray Controllers 2

Safest Wireless Controller

Safer connection

Accurate identification of the access terminal, the case of wireless AP, VLAN users intelligent isolation, exclusive anti-phishing AP function;

Safer internet experience

Build-in APP & URL database, more than 2400 APP & 30 million URL address, update every 2 weeks, combines with IAM & Audit function to ensure the safety of all the  internet behavior;

Safer office

Enterprise level firewall. Isolation of office and guest. 1 button to close the portable wifi,AD-Hoc;

Safer data

Wireless communication tunnel encryption, wireless data encryption, to protect user data security.

  • Bulid-in 12 Authentications, No More 3rd Party Portal Server Needed! One more way, One more option
  • The smartest wireless marketing function
  • Faster wireless experience
  • Smooth L2/L3 roaming, internet access anytime and anywhere.

  • Visiable management platform, make all the management eaiser

  • Wireless & wired centralized management, support different level authorization

Sundray Controllers 3

Controllers Products

Gigabit series wireless controller

  • NAC-210I
  • NAC-220I
  • NAC-230I
  • NAC-238I
  • NAC-260I

10 Gigabit series wireless controller

  • NAC-310I
  • NAC-320I
  • NAC-330I
  • NAC-360I



Sundray Access Point 1

Small size, Big perfomance

Under same specifications as other enterprise Wi-Fi vendor, Sundray AP concurrent users is 2-4 times than other enterprise Wi-Fi vendors

Sundray AP uses leading-edge chip solution, which has powerful processing capacity, working with Sundray smart RF optimization technologies to improve AP performance

Sundray Access Point 2

Multiple smart RF optimization
Guarantee best experience

Smart broadcasting optimization

Automatic broadcasting acceleration, ARP message transfer to unibroadcast, lessen rubbish message, improve transmission efficiency.

Avoid Terminal sticking

Sundray AP can sense the terminals signal strenth during roaming, and guide the terminals connect to the most suitable AP with best using experience.

Avoid slow terminals

According to time fairness algorithm, which can avoid the extremely slow terminals infuence the whole Wi-Fi network performance.

  • Adjust output power automatically, make wifi signal seamless coverage
  • Automatically choose the best channel, to avoid same frequency interference
  • Signal AP supports 32 SSID
  • Support PPPoE dial-up Internet

  • Support FAT / FIT modes

  • Support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint relay bridge and Easy signal expansion

  • Built-in positioning probe Support for precise positioning based on RSSI

  • Support POE power supply and local power supply

  • Wireless AP detection authentication

Sundray Access Point 3

Access Points Products

SOHO Access Point

  • AP-S150
  • AP-S160
  • AP-S170

In-wall Access Point

  • AP-S200
  • AP-S340
  • AP-S350
  • AP-350M
  • AP-350 pro

Indoor Access Point

  • AP-S220
  • AP-S370
  • AP-S400
  • AP-S500
  • AP-S500 pro
  • AP-S560

Outdoor Access Point

  • AP-S910 pro
  • AP-S910 plus

Special Access Point

  • AP-S370D
  • AP-S410V
  • AP-S550



Sundray Switches 1

Adaptive Powered Devices
Smart Power Supply

Sundray POE Switch supports IEEE 802.3af, 802.3at standard,supports 802.3af/at automatically,and supprots Intelligent detection, to meet the power equipment standards, no need to worry about power supply does not match the standard which will occur damage on power equipments.

Note:Sundray SI3200-08T-PWR-UN/SI3200-24H-PWR/SW5010 all supports smart POE power supplying.

Sundray Switches 2

Long distance power supplying
Easily solve long-distance power supplying problems

Sundray POE Switch supports 100 meters stable power supplying (Actual distance supports depends on actual cable materials), and support poe switch multi-level connection,flexible power supplying distance,avoid the confusion of long distance power supplying problem.

  • Excellent Lighting arresting, More secure, More reliable
  • Long distance power supplying, Easily solve long-distance power supplying problems
  • Full Metal Shell Super cooling performance
  • Visual Management Platform Make Switch Management more easier
  • Multi-Model Products
    Satisfy different scenario requirements
Sundray Switches 3

Switches Products

POE Switch

  • SI3200-08T-PWR-UN
  • S3100
  • SW-5010
  • SI3200-24H-PWR


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