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Aruba Networks, formerly known as Aruba Wireless Networks, is a Santa Clara, California-based wireless networking subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

The company was founded in Sunnyvale, California in 2002 by Keerti Melkote and Pankaj Manglik. On March 2, 2015, Hewlett-Packard announced it would acquire Aruba Networks for approximately USD$3 billion in an all-cash deal. On May 19, 2015, HP completed the acquisition. As of November 1, 2015, the company operates as a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, and continues to focus on campus and branch networking.

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Aruba Access Points

Access Points

Wireless access you can always count on.

Aruba wireless solutions deliver the flexibility and high performance needed to meet the requirements of any midsize business or high-density enterprise. With support for the new Wi-Fi 6 standard, along with built-in AI intelligence, IoT protocols, location services, and seamless roaming, you can ensure an unmatched Wi-Fi experience. With flexible and high-performance wireless, Aruba meets the need of any midsize or high-density enterprise.  


Aruba Switches


Wired networking that’s a whole lot smarter.

You need performance and scale for today’s cloud-based applications and bandwidth hungry devices. Aruba’s next generation access and aggregation switches provide the high-speed infrastructure and backbone for moving traffic intelligently from the edge to the core. 


Aruba Controllers


Advanced performance and security

In demanding enterprise environments, WLAN controllers centralize on-site AP management, optimize roaming and improve performance. Aruba Mobility Controllers do all this and more – offering flexibility to operate as VPN concentrators, WIPS/WIDS monitors and SD-WAN gateways.

They also serve a key role in Dynamic Segmentation, enforcing policies across WLAN, LAN and WAN using an industry-first user firewall (PEF), built-in Layer 7 application visibility and control, and web content filtering (WebCC).


Aruba SDWan


Visibility and control for your WAN.

Aruba’s software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution provides WAN routing that is simple to deploy and manage – and saves time and money. It’s ideal for distributed enterprises wanting to transition to a more agile, open and cloud-hosted environment. 


Aruba Network Management

Network Management

Centralized network operations.

Get granular visibility into users, devices, and apps running on your WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN to deliver the performance and reliability your business demands. Simplify your operations with Aruba’s easy-to-use and powerful on premise or cloud-based network management solutions.



Aruba Network Access Control

Network Access Control

From IoT to an always-on mobile workforce, organizations are more exposed to attacks than ever before. With Aruba ClearPass, you get agentless visibility and dynamic role-based access control for seamless security enforcement and response across your wired and wireless networks.

  • Agentless policy control and automated response.
  • Secure access for guest, BYOD and corporate devices.
  • Leverage the ClearPass Security Ecosystem.



IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)

IntroSpect User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) solutions use AI-based machine learning and advanced analytics to help detect, investigate and respond to hidden inside attacks that have evaded perimeter defenses – before they do damage.

  • Get a consolidated view of security relevant activities.
  • Prioritize security risks.
  • Predict malicious intent through analytics.
  • Get instant visibility to high risk activity.
  • Aruba ClearPass + IntroSpect for an end-to-end security solution.



Aruba location service solutions

Location Services Solutions

Aruba’s location-based services bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds, engaging employees and customers in new ways, and creating business opportunities and efficiencies. Our location-ready infrastructure enables wayfinding capabilities, proximity campaigns, asset tracking, and location analytics.

  • Locating high value assets just got easier.
  • Wi-Fi analytics give you the big picture.


Aruba location services

Aruba Beacons

Bring real-time location context to your mobile apps.

Aruba Beacons leverage Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology to power indoor location and wayfinding, and proximity-aware push notifications at enterprises, stadiums, hospitals and other public venues. The ability to customize the placement of beacons ensures a highly engaged customer experience.

These small, low-power wireless transmitters broadcast radio signals at regular intervals that can be heard and interpreted by iOS and Android devices equipped with Meridian-powered mobile apps from Aruba and our Meridian Engage app development partners. Aruba APs with built-in Aruba Beacons allow you to remotely manage our 4-year battery-powered standalone Beacons.


Aruba Tags

Aruba Tags

Increase staff efficiency, reduce equipment costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Aruba’s asset tracking solution helps organizations increase staff efficiency, reduce equipment costs and improve customer satisfaction. Businesses can track assets by leveraging the value of their location-ready Aruba WLAN infrastructure and BLE-based Aruba Tags.


Aruba Meridien

Aruba Meridian

Engage with users in new ways by getting more value from mobile devices via location-powered apps. Aruba leads the way with indoor turn-by-turn directions, proximity-based notifications, and asset tracking.

  • It is all in the cloud.
  • Build an app from scratch.
  • Make your app location-aware.
  • Enhance existing apps.
  • Apps for IT too.


Aruba Location Analysis

IT Analytics for Operational Intelligence

Aruba’s Analytics solution collects and analyzes data captured from the WLAN and mobile devices to deliver analytics that help IT and business groups, of all types and sizes, make smarter operational decisions.

  • Better understand foot traffic patterns with location analytics.
  • Analytics and Wi-Fi built for retail.
  • Get actionable insights from your mobile apps.


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