Gigamon is a privately held network visibility and traffic monitoring technology vendor. Formerly traded publicly, it is now owned by Elliott Management. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Gigamon had 371 employees as of December 27, 2014, and 743 employees as of April 2017

The company’s proprietary products can manipulate and route traffic to various application performance, network management, analysis, compliance and security tools.

Gigamon develops physical and virtual network visibility technologies, including network TAP and aggregation products, traffic manipulation applications and visibility fabric nodes.

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Physical Nodes 1

GigaVUE Physical Nodes

GigaVUE® Visibility Appliances deliver consistent insight into data that travels across your network, including data centers and remote sites. With the Gigamon solution, you will have the coverage and control you need to safeguard critical network and business assets.

GigaVUE Appliances enable you to:

  • Aggregate traffic collected via TAPs across your network.
  • Use core intelligence to optimize Flow Mapping®, GigaStream® traffic distribution and physical bypass.
  • Optimize traffic with GigaSMART® intelligence applications for both hardware optimization and built-in app licensing.
Physical Nodes 2

GigaVUE Visibility Appliances

The GigaVUE H Series scales to fit any capacity and need, from remote office to end-of-row data center deployments. Customize each with modular chassis options, depending upon the power required by your specific use case.

GigaVUE Visibility Appliances enable enterprises to:

  • Eliminate data contention
  • Accommodate Layer 2 to Layer 7 and session-aware filtering
  • Power decryption of SSL traffic out-of-band
  • Facilitate data de-duplication
  • Enable bypass protection for inline security tools
  • Generate metadata for security and behavioral analytics
Features GigaVUE-HC1 GigaVUE-HC2 GigaVUE-HC3
100Gb interfaces   8 64
40Gb interfaces   24 64
10Gb interfaces 20 96 128
1Gb interfaces 24 96  
GigaSMART® processing capacity 20Gb 
(+20 x 10Gb or 24 x 1Gb)
(+64 x 10Gb)
(+20 x 100Gb)
Inline bypass support 10/100/1000Mb, 1Gb/10Gb 10/100/1000Mb, 1Gb/10Gb, 40Gb 10Gb/40Gb/100Gb
Embedded Taps 10/100/1000Mb 10/100/100Mb, 1Gb/10Gb  
# Rack Units 1 2 3


Virtual Nodes 1

GigaVUE Virtual Nodes

GigaVUE® virtual nodes enable security and monitoring tools to gain full network visibility across virtual, private cloud and public cloud environments. Eliminate network blind spots as you move workloads to the cloud, thereby significantly reducing security and non-compliance risks. 

GigaVUE virtual nodes can:

  • Aggregate private and public cloud traffic for a single view into your entire hybrid infrastructure
  • Extend the life and reach of your existing analytics and security tools
  • Optimize traffic using GigaSMART® intelligence to improve tool efficiency and effectiveness
  • Automatically monitor new virtual instances with patented Automatic Target Selection and automated visibility

For Public Cloud

GigaVUE V Series Features

GigaVUE V Series for AWS and Azure and OpenStack aggregates, optimizes and distribution of traffic from cloud environments with:

  • Automatic Target Selection: Extract traffic from any workload without the need to specify VPCs/vNETs/projects
  • Flow Mapping®: Select and forward traffic of interest based on Layer 2 – 7 criteria
  • NetFlow/IPFIX generation: Create flow records and metadata from network traffic, reducing traffic volume by up to 80%
  • Header Transformation: Modify header content (L2-L4) for security and segregation of sensitive information
  • GigaSMART Intelligence: Optimize packets and applications sent to tools, reducing tool load

For Private Cloud

GigaVUE-VM Features

GigaVUE-VM for VMware allows virtual machine (VM) traffic flows to be selected, optimized and delivered to monitoring and security tools. Only Gigamon provides traffic visibility in VMware-powered SDDC (ESXi and NSX) and multi-tenant clouds.

  • Support for vMotion and Live Migration: Ensure continuous visibility and integrity of monitoring policies as VMs migrate across physical machines
  • Multi-Hypervisor Support: Supports VMware ESXi and VMware NSX
  • Optimized Traffic Delivery: Flow Mapping and GigaSMART intelligence can be applied on the virtual traffic before forwarding to tools
  • Centralized Management: Manage virtual nodes and configure traffic using GigaVUE-FM
  • Automated Visibility for VMware NSX: Automatically associate visibility policies to newly spun-up VMs


Network TAPs

A network TAP is an external monitoring device that mirrors the traffic that is passing between network nodes. A TAP (test access point) is a hardware device inserted at a specific point in the network to monitor specific data. As part of the Gigamon Platform, network TAPs provide access to the traffic required to secure, monitor and manage your enterprise network infrastructure continuously and efficiently.

Passive Optical TAPs

Gigamon Network TAPs 1

Passive optical TAPs create perfect copies of all traffic at full bandwidth. They require no power or management and do not actively interact with other components of the network. Gigamon offers several passive optical TAP solutions:

  • High Density TAPs: G-TAP® M Series
  • Embedded Bypass TAPs: GigaVUE-HC2
  • TAPs for Cisco BiDi links: G-TAP BiDi
  • Economical TAPs: G-TAP G Series

Active Network TAPs

Gigamon Network TAPs 2

Active TAPs are used in networks where copper cabling or optical budgets do not allow for passive TAPs. In the event of a power failure, active TAPs have battery backup to keep them running and will send an alert to indicate the failure. A bypass TAP is a type of active TAP that also has a relay that closes when it loses power, maintaining the network connection and minimizing disruption to traffic. Gigamon’s active network TAP solutions:

  • Active Network TAPs: G-TAP A Series
  • Embedded Tapping for 1Gb Copper: GigaVUE-HC1, GigaVUE-HC2
  • Embedded Bypass TAPs: GigaVUE-HC2


Traffic Aggregators 

Traffic aggregators bring together traffic from TAPs (test access points) and SPANs (switched port analyzers) across the network, giving a pervasive view into data in motion, and optimize monitoring tools by filtering on traffic that matters.

GigaVUE TA Series

Gigamon Traffic Aggregators 1

Traffic aggregators bring together traffic from TAPs and SPANs across the network, giving a pervasive view into data in motion. The GigaVUE® TA Series combines low-utilized links, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

The power of Flow Mapping® is brought to the edge by clustering the GigaVUE TA Series with GigaVUE H Series visibility nodes, giving network, application and security managers pervasive visibility. Fabric Maps enable Flow Mapping across clusters to scale network visibility across hundreds of nodes.

GigaVUE-OS on a White Box

Gigamon Traffic Aggregators 2

With GigaVUE-OS, the features and functionality available on the GigaVUE-TA10, including Flow Mapping®, Clustering, traffic aggregation, and GigaStream traffic distribution, are enabled on select third-party white box hardware from QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology). GigaVUE-FM provides seamless integration of white boxes into the Gigamon Platform with unified management and orchestration.



Gigamon Application Intelligence 1

Application Intelligence

Gigamon Application Intelligence empowers IT teams and analytics tools with unrivaled application visibility so even complex digital applications can be effectively monitored and secured. 

It’s the breadth of applications identified — even application components between tiers — and the depth of metadata attributes supplied that makes Gigamon Application Intelligence uniquely valuable. 

Put Gigamon Application Intelligence to Work

Application Intelligence Benefits

  • Automatically visualize thousands of applications running on your network
  • Drill down into individual applications, application components and protocols to understand the sources of performance bottlenecks or security vulnerabilities
  • Drive network and tool efficiency by sending only relevant application traffic to the appropriate tools for analysis
  • Deliver detailed context needed for security teams and analytics tools to do their jobs quickly and accurately

Managing and Securing DX Applications

Accelerate your digital transformation journey by giving teams and tools the application visibility needed to monitor and secure modern digital applications.

  • Isolates and extracts application and component traffic across multiple tiers for monitoring
  • Provides application metadata to analytics tools, enabling faster detection of customer experience, application performance and security-related issues
  • Sends only relevant traffic to the appropriate tools to reduce load and increase effectiveness

Detecting and Remediating Threats

With Application Intelligence, security tools are armed with more of the right data to perform their functions. You benefit from faster detection, isolation and remediation of threats and non-compliant activities. 

  • Provides contextual data to help tools detect threats, such as lateral movements of malware
  • Impedes port spoofing attacks by precisely identifying app traffic via deep packet inspection
  • Shines a light on shadow IT by revealing hidden and unauthorized applications

Improving Tool Efficiency and Performance

The growing volume of application traffic can overwhelm network and security tools, impacting tool performance and effectiveness. Application Intelligence helps your tool ecosystem run more efficiently. 

  • Extracts irrelevant application traffic before it’s sent to tools, saving storage and processing resources
  • Focuses teams and tools on mission-critical applications that warrant extra scrutiny 
  • Feeds granular application performance and behavior data to analytics tools, helping IT teams quickly find and fix performance issues


Subscriber Intelligence 1

Subscriber Intelligence

The exponential increase in volumes of voice, video and data traffic is mind-boggling when it comes to monitoring and managing your networks. The transition to 5G/CUPS only exacerbates and further complicates this massive data growth problem.

Gigamon Subscriber Intelligence application features help you scale your network analytics and security, allowing existing tools to deliver the desired view of performance and security, while also troubleshooting subscriber issues.

Subscriber Intelligence 2


The FlowVUE® feature is a licensable addition to the GigaSMART® engine that provides subscriber IP-based flow sampling, which enables existing security and monitoring tools to connect to the latest high-speed pipes by providing a representative view of traffic for diagnostic coverage.

Unlike traditional diagnostic methods, the FlowVUE feature intelligently reduces the amount of traffic, while keeping the integrity of the data flows intact, but at a lower speed feed within a smaller pipe.

The FlowVUE feature allows for active sampling of a subscriber’s device (known as a user endpoint IP or UE IP) across GPRS Tunneling Protocol user-data plane (GTP-u) tunnels. The integrity of the subscriber flows is preserved by forwarding all the flows associated with the sampled UE IP to the appropriate monitoring and analytic tools.

Subscriber Intelligence 3

GTP Correlation

The GTP Correlation feature is a licensable, robust and intelligent addition to the GigaSMART® engine that enables mobile service providers to monitor subscriber data in GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) tunnels.

Because it understands the stateful nature of this protocol, the GTP Correlation feature can match and pass all of an identified subscriber’s control and data sessions to the appropriate analytics, performance and billing subsystems to help ensure an accurate view of the session performance and the subscriber’s quality of experience.

With GTP Correlation, mobile operators can now intelligently forward subscriber sessions to specific tools by filtering on subscriber IDs or tunnel IDs — from ranges of subscribers down to a specific, high-value subscriber.


Gigamon Traffic Intelligence 1

Traffic Intelligence

Starting at the physical layer, GigaVUE® Visibility Appliances collect, filter and process network traffic at high speeds from across your infrastructure.

The underlying software operating system, GigaVUE-OS, helps to efficiently distribute traffic and secure your infrastructure while the industry-leading GigaSMART® traffic intelligence applications optimize traffic monitoring and analysis.

With GigaSMART traffic intelligence, you can selectively deliver the right traffic to the right security and network traffic monitoring tools, both inline and out of band.

Gigamon offers a next-generation network packet broker (NPB) that uses traffic intelligence to deliver optimized traffic to the tools. The resulting benefit: Improve the overall ROI of your security and monitoring tools, deploy security initiatives faster and stop tool sprawl.

Traffic Intelligence

GigaSMART® is a comprehensive set of technologies that extend the intelligence and value of the Gigamon Platform by enhancing the monitoring of your network infrastructure and improving security and network traffic monitoring tool performance. The GigaSMART applications increase ROI of your inline and out-of-band security and monitoring tools.

Operating System

GigaVUE-OS enables the appliance to do more than just send aggregated traffic to tools.

Visibility Appliances

GigaVUE Visibility Appliances range in capacity to address the increasing volumes of data and network speeds.  Features support and complement an integrated and intelligent approach to security and network monitoring with Inline Bypass and GigaSMART.



Gigamon Fabric Management and Automation 1

Fabric Management and Automation

GigaVUE-Fabric Manager, or GigaVUE-FM, delivers single-pane-of-glass management and monitoring of all the physical and virtual nodes across your on-premises, virtual and public cloud deployments, with simplified workflows for traffic policy configuration, end-to-end topology visualization, hierarchical grouping based on location and customizable dashboards. Accelerator components accelerate data read/write and network access, support network protocol offload, and implement intelligent acceleration with service and application awareness.

Built-in Fabric Maps feature enable Flow Mapping® across clusters to scale network visibility across hundreds of nodes. Available as a hardware or a (software-only) virtual appliance, each GigaVUE-FM instance can manage hundreds of visibility nodes across multiple locations.


Use Cases

  • Network Operations: configure, direct and control traffic in the network to the relevant monitoring and analysis tools
  • Network Security: detect, react and respond to emerging threats using packet- or flow-based traffic analysis
  • Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC): automatically monitor and secure virtual workload traffic with ease
  • SecOps and NetOps: identify, monitor and troubleshoot traffic hot spots to reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)

Software-Defined Visibility

With increasing demands for more agility, automation and security across the IT infrastructure, you need a solution that helps you automatically detect and mitigate threats and integrates into your existing network and security environment. GigaVUE-FM enables Software-Defined Visibility by supporting programmable interfaces using REST APIs to provision and manage the network traffic and data accessed by the visibility nodes within your network. 



Gigamon Insight 1

Gigamon Insight

Insight is a cloud-based network detection and response solution built for the rapid detection of threat activity, investigation of suspicious behavior, proactive hunting for potential risks, and directing a fast and effective response to active threats.

  • Focus teams on threats, not tools, with plug-n-play deployment, zero-maintenance, and an analyst focused interface designed by responders, for responders
  • Experience broad situational awareness across physical, virtual, and cloud networks
  • Prioritize what matters with high confidence detections prioritize and reduce mean-time-to-detection and response
  • Investigate in real time to quickly triage alerts and gather intelligence to direct efficient response activities

Gigamon Insight Empowers Security Teams


The Gigamon Insight solution, utilizing sensors deployed in cloud, physical or virtual infrastructures, provides the opportunity to consolidate capabilities and approach security in a new way.

The Insight sensors generate network metadata from on-premise or cloud-based environments and process it in the Gigamon Insight solution. The result, enriched multi-tenant data that’s centralized for rapid analysis and intelligent detections.

Insight Highlights

  • Data Access
  • Real-Time Curated Detections
  • Scalable Sensors
  • Build, Add, Integrate, Customize


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